1. I do not tolerate nor talk about anything explicit or sexual in nature. You are compensating me for my time and companionship. If you break this important rule, I will terminate our conversation. Please browse all the links on this web site for the answers to all your questions.

2. I have a screening protocol for gentlemen I am seeing for the first time. Please understand that this is for my safety, protection and comfort-level. Any information you provide me will be kept strictly confidential. I do not see everyone that contacts me. Providing the requested information in your initial email to me will help expedite the process.

3. Please put my cash donation in an unsealed white envelope marked gift and leave it in plain sight preferably on the restroom vanity. I will handle it discreetly from there. Please do not mention my donation or any services at any time. You are compensating me for my time only.

4. If I choose to ask for it, please have your ID available for me to inspect upon arrival.

5. You can expect me to tell a trusted friend where I will be, for how long and with whom. This is for everyone's safety. I do not give out my cell phone number, please do not ask me for it.

6. I am not looking for a boyfriend and I do not see clients outside of business, please do not make this request. I would be happy to meet you for drinks, dinner or a night out, however my usual donations apply.

7. Please do not ask me to send pics of my face or otherwise. My website contains current pictures of me. My face is obscured for privacy. My many stellar reviews are testimony to my appearance.

8. I do not use nor condone illegal drugs. Please do not bring any to our appointment.

9. Please be respectful to me at all times as I will be to you. You can expect me to be punctual and professional, I expect the same of you. Please respect my time as I do yours.

10. For me it is all about you.